Aage’s Farm Story

If you remember back a few months ago I sent out an invitation for Quillisascut love stories

Well, we have a new entry from Aage, who has spent every summer of his life (five years!) here on the farm, he has a unique story to share.  I am surprised he does not mention chokecherries or finding a mother-lode of grapes hanging-on the vine.

What would you add?

Quillisascut Love Story for Lora Lea- by Aage Bonnell, Age 5

I love doing chores with Rick and not just at night.
Sometimes I play and then do chores with Rick in the morning,
and then the chores fade into the night.

I like waking up first thing in the morning. It’s just the start of the day
and I like to see what I can do before breakfast

I love riding in the tractor with Rick.
I love feeding the goats. I like the little kid white ones with horns.

I love doing things with dad and I like showing students the farm.
I like going at a meeting with Steve the honey guy.

They have books we don’t have at home like “Maple Farm Book”
I like looking at squirrels (which I never see).
Napping, I love napping.

I’m going to be excited to ride my bike at the farm.
What do you like Lora Lea?

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  1. This is one reason I want to join the Quillisascut every year, to play with Aage.He is just a treat for me, lovely and sweet and well manner boy.

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