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Winter Stories from Quillisascut Farm Winter Stories

A few years ago our friend, Ben Delaney, gave us a book of photographs that he had taken here at Quillisascut Farm. The images took our breaths away and started us thinking what a precious gift a collection of spectacular photographs can be. Especially when they speak of the beauty of simple things, every day items brought to our awareness, framed by a trained eye. They give us a chance to be still and in the moment.

We wanted to let you experience this visual feast so we collected them here in this e-book a special winter gift from Quillisascut Farm to you!

When the weather outside drives you in by the fire, grab a cup of peppermint tea, pull up a chair and read this free e-book Winter Stories from Quillisascut Farm.

If you have an ipad or a kindle you can open it with the proper app or view it on your desktop (Not quit as cozy but the images are so beautiful and look nice on a big screen)

It is easy to download for viewing at your leisure and yes please, share this link with friends.

Free Winter Stories from Quillisascut Farm Q ebook opens in Adobe PDF

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Read, Dream, Live Quillisascut!