For forty three years Rick and Lora Lea Misterly (that’s me) have been living the Slow Life, growing Quillisascut Farm™. We started out with a bare piece of ground; gradually over time we built a home, a farmstead, a cheese business and a school to share our love for all things farm to table.

Our greatest discovery is that the best seasoning for both a delicious meal and a splendid life is to share with friends. We invite you to look around our website,  or join us for a workshop where we can share the stories of our journeys through life!

Be sure to read the media links to see what the World has to say about Quillisascut Farm™. If you want to learn more about Quillisascut Farm™, read the book Chefs on the Farm and enjoy our special FREE e-book Winter at Quillisascut Farm™.

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“Your lingering messages snuck-up on me: do what you love, every day; build a lifestyle, not a career; start small, work hard, dream wildly and watch the ripple”. Joanna Moogk-Camp