Alison Leber Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Fundraiser Sunday May 21, from 5:00-7:00pm

Terra Plata, 1501 Melrose Ave Seattle

$50 per person includes tasty bites, wine and good cheer!

Quillisascut Farmers (Rick and Lora Lea Misterly) met Alison in 1992 when she purchased Brie and Bordeaux. It was always a celebration to deliver our cheese to the specialty cheese and wine shop. We were greeted with big smiles and support for anything new (and old) in our cheese selections. She encouraged Lora Lea’s curiosity for playing with different styles of cheese and creating a place to share them with the customers at Brie and Bordeaux.

Group of Quillisascut Culinary students with Alison Leber
Alsion was a steady hand in shepherding this group of culinarians at Quillisascut Farm.

In more recent years Alison would visit Quillisascut Farm and help with the culinary workshops. She was always in motion, a steady hand in shepherding the program and students. Her smiling presence made everything better. In her heart she was a farmer! And she had a big heart for sharing her love! Twice she hosted fundraisers at Brimmer & Healtap for QEF. She wanted everyone to have the opportunity to attend a workshop at Quillisascut and connect with the land and build community around the farmer’s table.

Here is an assortment of cheese, because Alison was all about the cheese!

Brian and Alison pressing apples for cider at Quillisascut, fall of 2019.