A week at Quillisascut Farm

Making the Farm to Table Connection

One of the students in the September Farm Culinary 101 workshop wrote a blog entry about her week at Quillisascut.

It is hard to capture all that goes on in a workshop. The whole group is busy working towards a common goal and many of the experiences are the savory tastes, smells, sounds and joy of sharing with others. Go on over and read Lisa’s blog, she captures the week in all it’s goodness and simplicity.


Farm Camp


Here are a few reflections and images shared by two of our students in the Aug 23- 28 Farm Culinary 101 Workshop.

Clarrisa Wei, from Los Angeles writes about the week on a post You Had to be There

And Molly Gates a culinary student from Seattle Culinary Academy shared her photos over on Flickr in an album titled Quillisascut Farm Camp

More Flickr photos This link includes photos from the Stevens County Fair (No, we didn’t make the chocolate frosted bunny cake or the pumpkin turtle)

And this link includes a shot of the plated grasshopper appetizer.


All the juice seems to be sucked out of these Hollyhocks, but they still offer beauty and seeds for the next generation.



You Can Google That.

Finally I agree this is the information age, with google at my finger tip, I can find out how to raise sturgeon for caviar, how to lacto ferment green tomatoes, or what is chewing on my cabbage plants.

Another thing about Google, it is mystery solver, type in a good enough clue and the Google Sherlock comes through.

Quillisascut may be hard to spell but Google won’t let us down. Check out the second search engine term. Made my day!

Screen Shot