Slow Living: Spring Discovery

May 23-26, 2024

While the heart of summer is the farm at its most active, there is something extraordinary about the beautiful transition times within the shoulder seasons. This unique first workshop of the year will focus on the start of the growing season at Quillisascut and tap into inspiration and discovery. An invitation to be at the farm in the spring with baby goats and maybe even the first chicks hatching!

Mornings will start with fresh coffee, tea, and overnight tonics steeped under the moon. Our days will be spent with wild food walks, gathering herbs to make essential oils and hydrosols, fermenting and infusing vinegar, garden journaling, and planting seeds (including edible flowers and tomatoes for you to take home). We will take advantage of the soft light of longer days with photography, drawing, and crafting options (including wooden spoon carving)!

All meals will be provided as we honor the tender first offerings from the garden and fields. All the shades of greens and the first of the edible flowers. Nettles, green garlic, and dandelion. We will reawaken the woodfired oven from its winter hibernation, and fill our collective table with offerings such as rhubarb jam, freshly churned ice cream, herbed scones, pickled vegetables, bright vinaigrettes, spring cakes, sourdough (a true testament of slow living!), and first of this year’s cheese. The kitchen will be open for anyone who wants to join in with their hands and be a part of it all. There are also additional garden and farm projects with Rick if that is a focus you want to take. You can design how you wish to spend your time at Quillisascut throughout this workshop, giving yourself a custom and unique experience on the farm. If all you want to do is hang with the goat kids, we will not judge in the slightest.

This workshop will take place in the third week of May.
Thursday, May 23rd (2 pm) – Sunday, May 26th (noon). Lodging is included in the farm’s clubhouse. You can also bring your tent or camper van to set up in the fields if you wish to sleep under the stars. There are four shared bathrooms with showers.

Sliding scale pricing: $1275, $1350, $1475 based on financial need. Tuition includes lodging, course instruction, meals, and take-home items that you have created. (travel not included). 

Application (Opens in google docs)

You have the option to pay your tuition online, but if you prefer to send a check instead, there are instructions on the registration application. If you have any questions, please email Lora Lea at We look forward to having you on the farm!