Cheese workshop

Seattle Pastry Girl attended last weeks fundamentals of home cheese-making workshop at Quillisascut Farm. Here is her recent blog post about the workshop.

I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Cheese Making Workshop at the Quillisascut Farm School in Rice, Washington. It could not have been any more perfect. It’s about a 6hour drive north east of Seattle and the weather cooperated-I had the most gorgeous blue skies the entire way. To call the route scenic is an understatement. I watched Lenore Lake go by, then Blue Lake and then the grandest of all Lake Roosevelt. I had never been to this picture postcard area of Washington before and it was astounding-breathtaking doesn’t do it justice. I kept my radio off and listened instead to the birds chirping and singing as I slowed for the sharp turns; watched a hawk’s shadow cross the road and hood of my car; saw two little does peeking out from the pines and more deep blue lupine than I had seen in a very long time. Read her complete post

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