Have you ever wished for something and shortly after have it come true? I suppose this wasn’t a big wish, but the other day a facebook friend said something about it being time for a Christmas wreath making evening, and I replied “I want to do this!” One problem, she lives halfway around the world, so getting together didn’t seem practical.(that might take a stronger wish)

But a week or so later a friend of mine, who lives across the river, mentioned that she had been out gathering greenery to make a wreath. Seems she has a family and friend tradition of getting together this time of year and everyone makes a wreath to take home. Of course I invited myself to the party. Turns out only three of us showed up.

I made a form for mine out of grapevines, along with the greenery that they had previously gathered I added Qfarm additions of red chili’s, corn husks, sagebrush and oregongrape.

When our projects were finished, we sat down to a hot bowl of black bean soup. Thank you Evelyn and Lisa for making my wish come true!

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  1. You’re a true inspiration Lora. Gorgeous pics, very note resting blogs, can’t wait to come and see you all soon :)

    1. It’s a wonderful tradition born from an annoying ivy plant that I’ve had for 20 years! Started life as a very small cutting purchased from a local jumble sale, and travelled with me (doing little in the way of growing) for about 8 years. I then planted into this garden, and it grew like a Passiflora (which I also have).
      One Christmas period, it hit me like a ton of bricks, why not have a go a creating something with this. There was so much growth, it was almost like I was being prompted by nature to take a little, almost teased….
      So I did, and have never looked back. Now each autumn I look for anything that can be used to embellish the wreath and table centre piece, fir cones, twigs, old pot pourri from charity shops etc. Then my daughter (now 23) and I would get creative with the results of our gathering.
      One year I made beautiful ivy garlands up the stairs and across the walls, with lights intertwined, so much nicer to look at and more Eco friendly than shop bought decs.

      Makes me a very happy lady to see and so beautiful :)

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