The newest farm family member,  Mimi, the rescued barn kitten.
Boy has she quickly learned to take advantage of a good thing.

Rick found her meowing out behind the barn, tiny little thing, crying for attention, yet she clawed and hissed and spat at him when he went to pick her up. He held her very carefully, fed her some canned cat food, which she went after with gusto. As soon as she seemed full, Rick put her back where he found her. A little later we heard more meowing so we fed her more, oh and by this time she came up to us, no claws or hisses! We saw the Momma qitty behind the milking room- ah-ha introducing the kittens to where the humans will feed them. There were three more qittens out back! Good to know our little girl has family, although she was obviously the runt of the litter, being half the size of her brothers and sisters.

Next morning when we went out to milk, no runty qitten showed up at the dish. Rick started hunting around and found her half frozen, stiff, little moaning yowls, she couldn’t even move. So hard hearts that we are, we brought her in the house and put her by the fire where in a matter of hours she was up moving around. Our idea was to move her back to the barn as soon as she was back on her feet.

Guess what? She likes the house better then the barn and afirms she knows nothing about those other qittens we call her family. Now if we could only get her to start eating qitty crunchies instead of hamburger.
Maybe next week she will be ready to move back to the barn?

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    1. Well, long ago there was an inside /outside kitty. She is sweet and feisty, all cat, with no intention to go outside.

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