Naked Neck Chickens

When you visit Quillisascut Farm you will see an interesting breed of chicken called a Naked Neck or a Turken and as the name suggests they have very few feathers on their necks. Often times people will ask, “Is that a turkey?”, or  “What is wrong with that chickens neck?”, “there is a chicken out there with a problem.” To which we reply no problem it is the breed.

I know others think they are not very attractive but we like them, they are hard workers, scratching up bugs, they seem less stressed out and friendly with interesting personalities. (Okay, I know that sounds odd, but all the chicken fanciers out there will know what I mean) We did read that they require less protein in their diets then other breeds of chicken and that appeals to our thrifty farm way of thinking.

They lay lots of eggs, they still have some instinct to sit on a nest of eggs and will be good mothers to the chicks that hatch. We have one old hen that we named Silly. She doesn’t hang out with the other chickens, sort of a loner at heart, she likes to sit in front of the door- competing for position with the dogs.

Oh and Billy Bob, the rooster, he is a red-neck!

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