You Can Google That.

Finally I agree this is the information age, with google at my finger tip, I can find out how to raise sturgeon for caviar, how to lacto ferment green tomatoes, or what is chewing on my cabbage plants.

Another thing about Google, it is mystery solver, type in a good enough clue and the Google Sherlock comes through.

Quillisascut may be hard to spell but Google won’t let us down. Check out the second search engine term. Made my day!

Screen Shot

Mimi Poses

Mimi you might remember is the kitten we rescued from starvation. She has now grown-up and is one of the characters you will meet at Quillisascut Farm.

When she wants to come in the house she will hang out in this apricot tree waiting for someone to come to the door and let her in. (Sorry girl, not going to happen.)