School Gardens

We will not be offering this workshop in 2012. If your interests lean towards harvesting and cooking from the garden, our Farm Culinary 101 or Introduction to the Culinary Arts may serve your needs.

Quillisascut™ School Garden workshop for school teachers, administrators, parents, or volunteers who are wanting to start a school garden or evolve their present garden: We will explore how planting a garden can feed us healthy foods as well as save the Earth, how composting closes the loop in our farm to table cycle, and how we can learn from ‘Natures Operating System’ and the simple joy of putting ourselves back in the garden circle.

  • School Community Organizing – Caitlin Blethen, Youth Grow Manager, from Growing Gardens will go over developing a school garden master plan and setting up a school garden committee. We’ll look at school assets and how to get people involved.
  • How to get started (planting the seed and breaking ground) Gardens come in all shapes and sizes some are on asphalt, or rooftops and others look more like traditional gardens. (slide show of regional school gardens)Preparing the Ground
  • How to of basic gardening (composting, direct seeding, transplanting) These will be taught using existing school garden curriculum so participants will get a feel for the process as well as examples on how to teach these topics.
  • Integrating small livestock (honeybees and chickens)
  • Bringing it into the kitchen: the flip side of growing produce is how to handle it properly, food-safety (food born hazards) and how to prepare it into a nutritious and tasty meal.
  • Examples of Filling Essential Learning requirements with garden curriculum: Health, nutrition, reading, writing, art, social studies, culture, science, and math. Garden journals filled with images- essays- feathers-artwork.
  • Gardens and food as carriers of culture. Themed gardens with herbs and plants from different cuisines. Asian, Italian, Mexican.

What if everyone could learn the wonders of sowing seeds, nurturing  plants, and learning how to cook produce fresh from the garden? What a wonderful world it would be!  Here at Quillisascut™ Farm School we are continuing to build our school gardens and we will show you how to get started; composting, building raised beds, direct seeding, transplanting and more. Join us for this workshop where we will integrate what is happening around the west with the school garden movement. This is a chance to get your hands and your heart aligned with building a delicious future for our children.