Walnuts Walnuts Walnuts

Come to the Farm and join us on December 6th for a day of discovering the many uses of Walnuts. This versatile food offers many possibilities and grows in abundance in our area. We will press oil and make delicious things, both savory and sweet. Learn that these nuts aren’t just meant to sit around as center pieces during the Holidays.

December 4 11:00am-4:00pm $25 per person

Exploring the possibilities of walnuts; we will make walnut oil, walnut flour, walnuts sauces, and candied walnuts

11:00 am Welcome to the farm. Come in and savor your time on the farm. Sip a cup a tea, enjoy a sampling of Quillisascut cheese, make new friends, and get to cracking walnuts!

12:00 Farm tour: Rick will take you around the farm, pick up any lingering walnuts that have fallen from the trees, and introduce you to the goats and chickens.

1:00 pm press walnut oil and other walnut creations, where walnuts are not optional!

3:00 pm Tasting of our handmade creations.

4:00 pm Fond goodbyes

$25 per person, you will return home feeling inspired to begin your own seasonal tradition, with new holiday recipes featuring walnuts, a full belly, and a little something extra.

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We will all be relaxing in the calm before the storm of holiday activities. Slow down with us as we spend our day cooking, learning, and laughing together.