A New Mexican Christmas in July 2015

Quillisascut Farms hosts the Candelaria sisters while they share their traditional New Mexican Christmas food with you.

We always break out frozen tamales in the summer and say exactly that, “Christmas in July!”

July 16-17, afternoons 1:00-4:00pm


Join us and share in the laughter and joy as we all prepare the Candelaria family Christmas Menu of Tamales, Posole, Enchiladas, Calabasitas, and Beans. Learn first-hand while making the chile and each of the menu dishes from scratch. You’ll receive a recipe for each dish on the menu to take and try at home!RedChilesW

“Every year we get together and make tamales for Christmas and the New Year holiday. News travels fast in our small town and we always have friends and family come over to help; with the promise of a taste of course! And someone always brings the tequila and beer!”  The Candelaria Sisters

Candelaria Sisters’ Christmas Menu

Red Chile
In our simple recipe we use dried red chile pods from the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico. You will learn how to clean, cook and spice the chile. You won’t believe how easy it is!
Red Chile Pork Tamales are made in corn husks and steamed. The ingredients include Masa Harina (a corn flour) and shredded organic pork (from Quillisascut Farm) in red chile.
The posole and beans are always made the night before or first thing in the morning. Posole ingredients include frozen hominy, organic and sustainable pork from Quillisascut Farm, red chile and spices.
Traditional New Mexican Dishes with a Twist
The beans are best soaked overnight and slow cooked with bacon and garlic.
Enchiladas with Goat Cheese
The cheese is from Quillisascut Farms and the chile from the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico. The ingredients include red chile, corn tortillas, and goat cheese.
“Calabacitas” is Spanish for “little squash”. We combine squash with corn and spices from Quillisascut Farms.

“For us it is about getting together and being together.”  Bel Candelaria Harrison

Thursday, July 16 1:00-4:00pm
Tamales and Posole
Clean and process the chile
Make the meat mix, masa, and assemble the tamales.
Dinner: Enjoy tamales, posole and beans.

Friday, July 17 1:00-4:00pm
Enchiladas and Calabacitas
Cook chile, enchiladas and calabacitas
Prep and cook enchiladas and calabacitas
Dinner: Enchiladas, Calabacitas, beans, and tortillas

$60 per person for both days
$35 per person for one day
(price includes all course materials and instruction, light dinner included)

For more information or to sign up
Contact Lora Lea quillisascutfarm@gmail.com

Famous New Mexican Chile

Every year we wait for the chile harvest in New Mexico. Some are eager and buy it immediately while it is only green and hasn’t begun to turn red, “Pintado” is how we prefer it. “Pintado” means painted, meaning that the chiles are at the stage when they are turning red, so you can have chile that is all green or all red, or both!