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Announcing a super easy way to support your cheese habit!

Early in the American Farmstead Cheese movement and long before Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) took root; Rick and Lora Lea opened the Quillisascut Cheese Company.

Rick’s marketing idea was simple, “We only need 1000 people to purchase three pounds of cheese a year to sell all of the season’s production.”

“That should be a snap!” quipped Lora Lea. And off we went to discover the world of marketing.* Here we are, some 27 years later, snapping our fingers to make Rick’s initial idea a reality.

Join our CSA and allow us to do what we do best- milk our goats and make honest traditional raw milk farmstead cheese.

It’s this easy: sign up for our CSA by placing your order and receive 1.5 pounds of Quillisascut Cheese, shipped to your door. (one shipment) $30 plus shipping.

Pick one of these three choices:
1: One and one half # (1 ½lb.) Quillisascut Curado cut into smaller wedges and vacuumed sealed.
2: One and one half # (1 ½lb.) Quillisascut Farmer cut into chunks and vacuumed sealed.
3: 1 ½lb. Qullisascut Curado and Farmer assorted, vacuumed sealed.

The delivery date of your one-time shipment containing the 1.5# CSA share is up to you.


Can we reach 1000 members? Only with your help, join our community of cheese loving farm supporters today!

Thank you from Rick and Lora Lea Misterly, Quillisascut Farm
Honest traditional farmstead cheese from our farm to you.

*Lucky for us, in 1987, chefs were excited about featuring local cheese on their menus and allowed us to succeed with our dreams of living off the land and producing a traditional aged raw milk cheese from our “family” of dairy goats.