Traditional Farmstead Cheese from the Pampered Pets of Pleasant Valley.

A love for the farm house cheese that her Mother made led Lora Lea and Rick Misterly on the journey to farming the land and starting Quillisascut Cheese Company™. Using only the milk from their own herd of goats, they produce a variety of aged raw milk cheese.
Quillisascut™  Curado – raw goat milk, rapid coagulation, cooked curd, pliable body when young, sweet, nutty, and grassy flavors, aged over 60 days.

Quillisascut™ Viejo – same technique as the curado aging to a spicy tang similar to a Romano, firm grating style cheese, aged over 4 months.

Quillisascut Farmer – non-cooked curds, rapid coagulation, crumble on salads or serve with herb infused honey, aged 60 days or more.

Quillisascut Cheese Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Select a single variety – Quillisascut Curado or Quillisascut Farmer. more information.

Available in stores around the Pacific Northwest, ask for Quillisascut at your favorite service deli!

How do you pronounce the name Quillisascut™? Just like it sounds Quil-li-sas-cut.

Quillisascut Farm™ has been producing farmstead goat cheese since 1987.