What It’s All About

Today the goats are halfway through kidding. Sixteen girls have had forty kids (eight sets of triplets and eight sets of twins) So far everything has gone pretty well. Except, one of the weaker triplet kids didn’t make it, even with extra nurturing from Rick.

The weather has been fair, no cold or snow during any of the births. Most of them were born during the day. We haven’t had any that required us to stay up late at night waiting for action. (knock on wood)

Our life at Quillisascut Farm has followed this pattern every year since 1982. In early spring our herd of goats kick-off the season of rebirth where light and dark come together and remind us of the fragility of life. Spring is here, kids jumping for joy, new milk, and fresh cheese.

On a connected note, some of you know that Rick has been taking piano lessons and this week he is learning The Hokey Pokey.

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