For Money or Love

Often we are asked the question, “Who attends a Quillisascut workshop”? It seems the people who sign-up can be divided into two groups, for money “vocational” those learning skills for work, or for love *“vacational” those who are learning skills for life. Although, the outcome for most everyone is that Quillisascut is a place to dream up new ideas for the future. (maybe we should call it “idea farm”)

Many who participate are obvious food lovers who are looking for opportunities to refresh their memories around farm to table deliciousness, among them are those who are developing new skills for their careers or searching for a new path in life. It is apparent in our conversations around the dinner table that there is a common desire to make each day of their life vital and fulfilling.

A deeper reflection shows some unique personality traits, below are some words that help define our guests:

Curious minded
Get to it, make it happen types
People who love goats!
Lifelong learners

I was inspired to write this post by Molly Cumming who attended the Intro to Farming workshop last spring. When she was here it wasn’t apparent that she was on a vision quest, taking her curiosity a step out of the ordinary by signing up for classes and workshops that appeal to her natural sensibilities. (would she be in the vocational or vacational group? or a little of both?) She wrote on her Campcurator blog:

I have been searching for something for a while. I don’t know what it is. It might be a new career; it might be a hobby, or maybe simply some skill that I might be able to use somewhere, sometime. Or a skill that I may never use again. I started this search by actively signing up for any course – single- or multi-day – that I might be interested in, whether it be a one-night cooking class in Austin, where I live, or a week-long camp about letterpress type in Buffalo, New York.

Read about Molly’s adventures on her new Campurator blog (Including some photos from her time at Quillisascut)

There is an article by Tara Austen Weaver, on q farm, in the recent May/June edition of Edible
Seattle and until you pick up a copy, you can read this post on their blog with voices from Chefs who share what they have done since attending a Quillisascut vocational workshop.

A universal thread among folks who sign up for a workshop at Quillisascut is an adventuresome spirited lifelong journey of learning, sharing and filling up with joyful work. You are invited to come along!

* Yes “vacational” is a made up word but I am sure you get the idea.

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