What Came First?

Take a good look at the photo, and you will get an idea of where I am going with this chicken and egg story. Yes, that is a beautiful Muscovy duck sitting on her nest and yes that is a little chick peeking out from under mother ducks wing.

About a month ago when the weather was still cold and colder, this duck started to sit on a clutch of eggs. In the past we have noticed that when a duck sits on these late winter eggs that have been exposed to the cold, very few of the eggs hatch. So last month Rick decided to take the eggs away, but the duck didn’t want to give up.

Now there is also a hen that comes and goes from this pen, I suppose she thought this was the perfect place to lay her eggs. We were not witness to any of this until a few days ago when Rick came in from the chores and said the duck has a dozen or so chicken eggs under her! And yesterday here was the first of what we hope will be a slow day-by-day hatch out of chicks. And not just any chick, these are special, a breed of naked necked chicken, called Turkens hatched by a duck. Will they need counseling?

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