Quillisascut Love Story

This is an invitation to share your quillisascut love story.  Please share your memories of good times on the farm, hanging out with the goats, weeding the garden or sharing a lively discussion around the table.

Back in nineteen eighty-one, when Rick and I found this piece of land we call Quillisascut Farm, we had no idea what was in store. With the zealousness of youth we pitched our tent, built a corral for our goats, dug a well and made our dreams a reality.
The cemented clay soil called to us to build fertility, the goats answered this call. You sometimes hear someone say “I had a calling” and this is the way of Quillisascut. It is hard to remember what came first, the dream, the desire, the calling. The total sum has been a joyous journey.

Shortly after we purchased the land Rick and I decided it was time to get married. If we could take the step to sign a contract and be in debt for fifteen years (which at that time seemed like forever) we were ready to commit to a lifetime of togetherness. Here is a photo of us taken on the day we were married. It is my one true romance!

It is easy to see our life as a timeline, the months and years go by, our children grow up, but a chunk of land is solid, constant and secure. The soil that grows the vegetables that feed us, the wild grasses that pasture our goats and the cycle of nutrients back to the Earth. The land is always holding us firm and secure. It is my one true romance.

In starting this blog Rick and I are inviting you to share your Quillisascut love story. Let’s see where this journey has been and whom it has touched. Send us your words of wisdom, funny stories, or memories; it can be short and sweet, or an epic poem, a journal entry or a photo that captures the essence of your Quillisascut experience. Email them to me and I will post them to this blog. Yes, the times we have shared together here on Quillisascut Farm, It is my one true romance!

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  1. Every time I come up, it is a gift. Driving up the driveway feels much like I feel when I arrive at my parents home in on Flathead in Montana. It is safe and there will be a welcoming smile in just a moment.

    Yet for me the love at Quillisascut is most clear around your BIG table when each person who helped make the meal shares what they did. The table to me feels like the heart of Quillisascut and your presence, Lora Lea and Rick, at the table turns something wonderful in itself into something even more: true hospitality. You share what you have been given freely and take delight in those in each of the other seats. You make real space for them… for us. Thank you.

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