Sense of Place

A Culture of Food

What do we mean by “Sense of Place”? Or a Culture of Food?

During this workshop we will immerse ourselves in the simplicity of our surroundings, creating meals from what grows on and around Quillisascut Farm, getting a deeper look at the complexities of the soil and the discovery of our wild surroundings. What makes a place unique?

August 15-18, 2013

Listen to the sunrise, eat the landscape, and become fully awake to the symphony of the season.

  • Harvest from the gardens, orchards, vineyard, fruit, nuts and what’s in season.
  • Farm to table cooking under the guidance of Chef Instructor Kären Jurgensen.
  • Let’s make cheese! Goats- goat cheese.
  • All of us working (playing) together and sharing stories.
  • The climate and soil, knowledge of the geology of this region.
  • Pleasures of the table. A sensual memory of smells and flavors.
  • Wild foods from forest and field.
  • The absence of salmon and all the characters that share our landscape will be topics of discussion.

Enrich your life!  Splendid food memories can be created anywhere when we begin to look for them.

One of our on going questions has been how to create a food culture right here in our own communities, a food culture that is as rich as Tuscany or Provence. We need a more deeply rooted understanding of what is unique about the food from “home”.

Joining us for the discussion will be regional experts who will enlighten the conversation with little known stories about the Upper Columbia bio-region.

We invite you to sign up for this workshop where we will share delicious meals, lively conversations and the pleasures of the table, as we delve into the mystery and flavors that create a sense of place.

Tuition $895 includes lodging and meals (transportation not included)

Eileen Delehanty Pearkes, author, The geography of memory: recovering stories of a landscape’s first people
Joe Barreca, Stevens county historian, Map Metrics
Chris Loggers, wildlife biologist, Discovering the Forgotten Corner, wildlife-related discoveries from northeastern Washington

We have added the option to sign up and pay your tuition online, but if you would rather send a check made out to Quillisascut Farm, 2409 Pleasant Valley Road, Rice, WA 99167 That works, too! Thank you!


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