Living With Intention

Living With Intention; Creating Peace in Every Step

September 24-27, 2009 $695

During the days of the autumnal equinox, there is an equal amount of light and dark, a centering point for our bodies to refresh the spirit and ready ourselves for winter. For this workshop we will use the balancing energies of the sun to create harmony in life’s simple pleasures, cooking with inspiration from the gardens harvest, learning with each other how to slow down and find peace within, while we work together in the gardens and the kitchen to provide nourishment for the day.

Chef Yannick Marchand will lead this fall workshop. His career in food started as a child in his grandmother’s kitchen, in the heart of the Loire Valley of France. “The routine of our family was based around cooking for the sheer joy of eating only the freshest product of the season. In our small country town, our food market was either in our garden, our neighbors’ gardens and barns, or the local street market right outside our front door! Nothing ever touched refrigeration; fresh Atlantic seafood, vegetables and herbs hand picked only minutes before, and things like goat cheese made fresh to order from the goat’s milk that morning. This is what we lived for!!! My grandmother could cook anything with such skill and gentleness, these visions are what inspire me today.”