Workshop Info

What to bring will vary some with each workshop. Spring time you will need warmer clothes and possibly a rain coat and boots that can handle the mud. If it is a culinary workshop your Chef Kit is essential.
Here are the basics:

Time: Most workshops begin at 2:00 pm the day of arrival (first day) and are over by 11:00 am on the last day.

Two hour drive from Spokane
Six hour drive from Seattle
Seven hour drive from Portland
What to bring with you to the Quillisascut Farm Workshop.

  1. Warm clothes for cool mornings; remember this is a farm so “grubbies” are recommended. It is always hard to predict the weather. Usually in July, Aug, September it is hot during the day 85*-90* so you will want summer clothing, we aren’t fancy, this is a farm, shorts and t-shirts are fine. The mornings can be cool 40-55* so you also need warmer clothing like a sweatshirt, a lightweight long sleeve shirt for picking berries is handy.
  2. Garden gloves
  3. Shoes that can handle the garden and barnyard. Plus, kitchen shoes.
  4. Swimming suit, Beach towel,Lake Roosevelt is only a couple miles away,
  5. Alarm Clock
  6. Flashlight
  7. Ear plugs if you are a light sleeper (roosters crow at all hours, not just sunrise, that is a myth!)

Google map from Spokane airport two hour drive

Google Map Downtown Spokane

Google map from Seattle six hour drive

Google map from Portland seven hour drive

Worthy Habits

Quillisascut Farm School

• Always try to cook with what the farm produces: be creative and ask for alternatives!
• Respect the garden: properly wash/store produce immediately after harvesting, check the fridge before heading to the garden for leftover product, harvest correctly (ask if you don’t know)

• NO HOT pans on countertops (use trivets)
• NO ABRASIVE cleansers on countertops
• NO WET items on cement window sills
• Keep countertops free of miscellaneous equipment
• Keep the kitchen clean and orderly: put kitchen equipment back where you find it, empty compost every evening, sweep and mop every evening
• Do not use anyone else’s knife unless they offer them (don’t ask) and never use the Chef Instructors knives. If you don’t have your own use the schools knives.
• If you did not cook the meal, it is your turn to wash dishes and help with cleanup

• WATER is limited: keep faucets turned off while washing hands, conserve when washing vegetables, dump any water w/o dish soap or cleaners on outdoor plants.
• Watch towel usage: keep clean towels for drying clean, reuse your wipe up towels…limit all kinds of consumption this way
• Limit laundry: run full loads only, no personal laundry

• Do not let the doors stay open (flies like our food too)
• Keep garden shoes by the door to limit dirt tracked into the house
• Keep cookbooks clean and dry, replace after referring to them
• Smoke in designated area only, bury cigarette butts in sand bucket
• Emergency fire ladders, for upstairs bedrooms, located on the north side of the decks.
• Take this opportunity to unplug and engage with our community and surroundings.

• When you hear the gong please come to the clubhouse, we will not start until all are seated.
• Be mindful of your neighbor when portioning; platters of food need to make it around the table and serve everyone.
• When serving wine be considerate. Follow the French rule of etiquette: pour your neighbors glass before you serve yourself. Everyone please practice moderation and if you are underage protect the school program by not drinking.
There is no maid, so please be kind and clean up after yourself. Cleaning products are located under the bathroom sink and kitchen sinks.
Everyone will appreciate your consideration.

Example Schedule

Day 1:
2:00 pm Arrive and settle in
2:30 pm Cheese plate, introductions, schedule, expectations, worthy habits
3:30 pm Kitchen and pantry tour
4:00 pm Farm/garden tour, compost demonstration
6:00 pm Dinner /Dishes: team 1
7:30 pm Video: Nourish

Day 2:
5:45 am Butcher lamb with Rick (Morning Milking Lora Lea, Jannae)
6:30am Morning chores
7:30 am Breakfast/Coffee /dishes team 3
8:00 am AM Meeting: “Respect”
8:45 am Meal planning
8:45 am Cheese making with Lora Lea: Teams 1 & 3
9:00 am Garden fun with Rick and Jannae: Team 2
11:00 am Wild Food Walk
12:30 pm Lunch /staff prep /Dishes Team 2
1:00 pm Steve Schott Honeybees and Pollinators
3:00pm Break
4:00 pm
4:30 pm Dinner prep Team 2
Special projects clean up wild things and process/ prep tomatillos for roasting
5:30 pm Begin firing PIZZA in wood-fired oven (Everyone)
Dishes Team 1
7:30 pm Video: Botany of Desire

Day 3:
5:50 am Morning Milking with Rick and Lora Lea: Team 1 (5:50 am 2 students, 6:30 2 students)
6:30 am Morning Chores with Wendy Team 2 & 3
Breakfast/Coffee Prep with Kären
7:30 am Breakfast/Coffee Dishes Team 1
8:00 am AM Meeting: Sustainable
8:45 am Meal Planning with Kären
8:45am Cheese making with Lora Lea Team 2
9:00 am Gardening with Rick : Teams 1 & 3
11:00 am Lunch prep: Team 1
Special Projects Team 2 & 3 /shell walnuts/ harvest and clean seeds/favas
12:30 pm Lunch – Dishes Team 2
1:00 pm Bread and Pre-ferments
3:00 pm Farm Tour: Meadow Lark Farm
4:30 pm DINNER PREP Team 2
430 pm Salt and dip cheese, Teams 1 & 3
Pre-prep for preserves and lacto fermented pickles: everyone not on dinner
6:30 pm Dinner / dishes Team 3
7:30 pm Video: Botany of Desire

Day 4:
5:30 am Butcher chickens with Rick
6:30am Morning Chores: Wendy
7:00 am Breakfast prep with Kären
7:30 am Breakfast / Dishes Team 3
8:30 am AM Meeting: ” Biodiversity ”
9:00am Meal planning with Kären
9:15 am Mix bread dough
10:00 am Preserves
11:00 am Lunch Prep Team 3
Special projects: Team 1 & 2
12:30 pm Lunch / Dishes Team 1
1:00 pm Shape loaves
2:00 pm Bake Breads
Herbal Infusions
3:00 pm Salt and dip cheese: Team 2
3:15 pm break
4:00 pm DINNER PREP: Team 1
4:30 pm Special project/ Charcuterie
6:30 pm Dinner / Dishes Team 2
7:30 pm Video: Botany of desire

Day 5:
5:50 am Morning Milking with Rick and Lora Lea: Team 2 (5:50 am 2 students, 6:30 2 students)
6:30 am AM Chores with Wendy Team 1
6:30 am Breakfast Prep Kären
7:30 am Breakfast/Coffee/ Dishes Team 3
8:00 am AM Meeting: “Community”
8:45 am Meal Planning with Kären – Dinner
9:00 am Fabricate lamb start stocks
12:30 pm Lunch (Rick, Lora Lea)
1:30 pm Farm Tour Cliffside Orchard
3:30 pm Break
4:00 pm DINNER PREP: Team 3
4:30 pm Sausage/ Charcuterie everyone not on dinner
6:30 pm Dinner Dishes Team 1

Day 6:
5:50 am Morning Milking with Lora Lea and Rick Team 3 (5:50 am 2 students, 6:30 1 student)
6:00 am Packing, cleaning, finish projects, write in guest book (Everyone)
6:30 am Breakfast/Coffee Prep
7:30 am Breakfast/Coffee/dishes Team 1
8:00 am Finish cleaning, write in guest book,
10:00 am AM Meeting: “Grateful”
11:00 am Goodbye and on the road