Fall Taste of Quillisascut

Fall Hello from Quillisascut !

We are putting together a pantry box from the farm and are offering it to you before we advertise it to the world. I don’t have all the delivery details in place. I’m not sure where the pick up will be or the date. The plan is sometime in early to mid November, before Thanksgiving.

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2021 Holiday Box 

Quillisascut Tote bag, natural canvas fabric with black ink, Butcher Baker Goat Cheese Maker logo. Say it out loud Quillisascut!

Quillisascut Blend Coffee from Crandalls Coffee Roasters. It’s what we serve during the workshops and is a favorite of our guests. (Proven by the quantities consumed each morning).

Quillibasco Green fermented hot sauce, spicy fermented green chilies, vinegar, water, salt. A favorite addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Add some spice to your life!

Quillibasco Red fermented hot sauce, spicy naturally fermented red chili, vinegar, water, salt. Wondering what we did with all the chilies we grew? Here they are fully ripened, chopped and fermented to bring out their fruity essence! Never a dull meal when there is hot sauce in the house!

Spicy Apple & Plum butter ( plums, apples, sugar, spices, heat, love, that is all). You can use it to top your toast, serve with Quillisascut cheese:) or add a dab to a braise or roasted veggies.

Green Tomato Pickles (green tomatoes, sweet onions, white wine vinegar, organic sugar, a little red jalapeño, salt, fennel seeds) Remember the fennel growing along the path behind the school? They have given up their seeds to flavor these pickles. It was a very good year for green tomatoes, the fruit didn’t set during the summer heatwave and then took off when the temperature evened out. When life gives you green tomatoes, pickle them.

Fermented Eggplant Relish (eggplant, sweet peppers, garlic, herbs, spices, olive oil, salt). This is one of my favorite discoveries in the world of fermented foods. One recipe called it eggplant caviar. I usually stick with an Italian herb like oregano or fennel, but this year we also played with Indian spices like mustard seed, turmeric, and fenugreek. It truly pushes eggplant in a unique direction.

Quillisascut Fruit Jam, (fruit, sugar, lemon, sunshine) There are so many jars of jam from across the summer,  this is a grab bag of sorts, which one you will get in your pantry bag. It will be a pleasant surprise!

Boozie Apricot Quince Walnut Fruit Salami (dried apricots, quince, walnuts, soaking liquor, organic sugar, spices, salt) no meat in this fruit nut roll of deliciousness. It’s like all summer rolled up and condensed in each bite.

Sage Ginger Turmeric Elixir (Quillisascut apple cider vinegar, raw local honey, sage, ginger, turmeric) this an oxymel sipping vinegar, take a spoonful for a sore dry throat or add it to hot tea, or a glass of iced bubbly water to soothe holiday indulgences. If none of those are your thing, use it to make a vinaigrette. 

Assorted Quillisascut Cheese (goat milk, rennet, cultures, salt). Here you get to sample something old, something new, nothing borrowed, something blue.

Walnuts, that’s the only ingredient, you get to do the crackin and creating. Top a salad, bake some brownies or whip up that beet walnut sauce of Chef Kären’s. Start a tradition, invite your friends, instead of breaking bread, sit around and visit while cracking walnuts. 

Snowberry Honey, the bees made it from flower nectar, pure golden raw honey from our friends the worker bees. Tell me what you do with yours? We drizzle it over some yogurt or our Farmer cheese, use it for medicine on a cut, or in an herbal infusion.