Holy Cow!

What’s for dinner?

Hamburger Buns

Often that seems such a difficult question. My Mom, Daisy Mae, came up with a solution, Saturday night is hamburgers. You may have read about it in our Winter Stories e-book

It does take a little planning ahead. I know hamburgers are considered fast food but we like ours on a homemade bun from a farm-raised beef, two things that you can’t easily run out and buy.

And since tomorrow is Saturday, I need to get with-it and bake hamburger buns! My recipe is simple, not the incredible brioche buns that Don Reed makes for us each year at the Hearth Bread workshop.

Which brings me back to planning. It’s time to consider meals for other nights of the week. I am looking for suggestions. Do you have a go-to meal that is as easy to love as it is to prepare? Or a food tradition that your family request every week? Let me know, I am making a list and of course I will share it with you!

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