Covid-19 and Workshops

Check in here to find out more about social distancing and planning for the summer 2020 workshops

Quillisascut is listening to what Governor Inslee announces about the reopening of gatherings in the state. From his Friday May 1 announcement the opening is rolling out in 4 tiers and if the virus numbers continue to fall we are hoping to start up our summer workshops in August. If for some reason we can’t hold the workshops scholarships awarded will be honored for 2021 or tuition will be returned.

As of June 5 the county where we live (Stevens County) is now in Phase 3. So small gatherings such as this are allowable.

Our workshops are small gatherings with 10 -12 students. We are working out plans on how we might social distance and still all participate in the farm and kitchen activities and stay healthy.

We will ask everyone to self monitor and if anyone knows they have been exposed to the virus, has a fever or tests positive not to attend the workshop. Also, to continue all the safe habits that have been outlined like frequent hand washing, wearing face masks while cooking and sanitizing surfaces.

We are asking everyone to bring their own sleeping bags or bedding and pillow, along with bath towels this year. And if you have a tent you can bring so you can spread out at night to bring it along.

We will continue to update this webpage as needed. Thank you and stay well!