Cruz DE la Cruise, yep, he is a drake- the head dude of the Quillisascut Duckdomcruz

The first question you might ask, “What breed of duck is Cruz?” or “What is it with that knobby red face?” Cruz is a Muscovy duck and it is normal for him to have that gnarly head. We don’t know all the whys of nature, but we do know his appearance is natural. A couple other fun facts about this breed, they don’t quack, laying some question to “if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be…) they make a sort of hissing sound, like Darth Vader and he has a Mohawk of head feathers that go up when he gets excited.

He is named after the man we got him from, Cruz, not very original but it sort of stuck.

The Muscovy breed originated in South America. They are  sturdy and the males get rather large making them good for a duck dinner. A unique quality to this breed is that they have very little fat, which can be disappointing when you are making duck confit, but on the other hand, no one will say yuck to “greasy duck” (do people say that?)

Cruz is not worried about these things. He is out there cruising around talking to his girls, and sparing with his sons. He is here for the long haul.


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