Essential Ingredients School

What happens when The School of Essential Ingredients meets Quillisascut Farm School of the Domestic Arts? Here is your opportunity to find out!  July 18-21, 2013

After reading Erica Bauermeister’s novel The School of Essential Ingredients did you wish you could go to a cooking school like Lillian’s?

We loved the idea – so we asked Erica Bauermeister to join us for this workshop. Lillian will be taking a sabbatical in the realms of fiction (you can guess why she needs a break by reading The Lost Art of Mixing, to be released in January 2013). But we all believe she would approve of Kären, Rick, and Lora Lea taking her place in the kitchen and garden.

“The first question people always ask me is, What are the essential ingredients?…I might as well tell you, there isn’t a list and I’ve never had one…All I can tell you is you will learn what you need to.” (Lillian – School of Essential Ingredients)

Chef Instructor Kären Jurgensen will lead us in cooking with fabulous produce from Quillisascut Farm. Chef Kären reminds us all of Lillian in her deep respect for the ingredients she uses. She shows an abiding love for her family, friends and team members, is grateful for a profession that allows her to make new friends by feeding them delicious morsels, and finds delight in the mysterious places that can be nurtured by the senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound.

Rick Misterly will be here to answer all your questions about animal husbandry and garden essentials. Lora Lea Misterly will encourage you in the production of handcrafted goat milk cheese. Erica will add to the evenings with readings and a workshop on using your senses in writing and life. And you all will help supply the essential ingredients of delightful conversations and building community around the table.

“We are all just ingredients…what matters is the grace with which you cook the meal.” (Charlie – School of Essential Ingredients)

Experience all that Quillisascut Farm has to offer, cooking, learning, playing and dining together. Our time on the farm will be infused with the Italian concept of ‘Campanilismo’. “Campanile is the bell tower in every Italian town and village, and Campanilismo refers to the mentality associated with that area. The term defines your home, which is within hearing distance of the bell.” “How you eat within hearing distance of the bell is different from how someone would eat twenty miles away.” Lynne Rosetto Kasper, The New American Chef

July 18-21, 2013 $895 single, or bring a friend – $1,590 couple, three people $2085. Covers all workshop materials, instruction, meals, and lodging (transportation not included) What to expect at Quillisascut.


And don’t forget to look for Erica’s soon to be released (January 2013) The Lost Art of Mixing A luminous and enchanting sequel to The School of Essential Ingredients!

Curious about Lillians recipes? You can find them here. Or do you want to research the creative recipes of Chef Kären Jurgensen? Check out her cookbook and more about Quillisascut Farm.

“A ritual was a way to hold time – not freezing it, rather the opposite, warming it through your imagination. Six pm might always be an hour on the clock, fixed and named, but dinner with Mrs. Cohen – the lighting of the candles, her face relaxing over the course of the meal as the sun set outside – that had been something altogether different.”
(Al – The Lost Art of Mixing)