Producers of handmade Quillisascut Farmstead goat cheese, since 1987, capturing the flavors and textures of Northeast Washington State.
Farm-based immersion workshops that guide people in healthier lifestyles through the philosophy of sustainability, responsibility, community and place.
Our vision is to be caretakers of the Earth and human spirit; we are here to care for the land and each other. In addition it is our work and joy to serve the livestock, wildlife and visitors on Quillisascut Farm. By sharing our work and vision with others we are all better fed physically and spiritually.
Our overreaching goal is to be good stewards of the land, fostering a sustainable world where everyone, all living beings, are nurtured and well fed, without degrading our planets life support systems of clean air, fresh water and living soils.
Rick and Lora Lea Misterly
Rice Washington